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pipe type x ray inspectionPipe-Type X-ray Inspection System

The Pipe-Type X-ray Inspection System from Anritsu is the perfect choice for detection of contaminants in pumpable products such as poultry trim and first-grind meat of all types.  This powerful equipment is capable of processing literally tons of product per hour — as much as eight tons, in fact!

Not only is Anritsu’s system the most effective one available in a pipe-type design for detecting bone, metal, glass, stone and other material, it can detect poultry bone particles as small as 2 mm in size, along with stainless steel particles as small as 0.5 mm.

Moreover, with a pre-set memory capability sufficient to handle up to 100 separate recipes, it’s highly versatile and flexible for plants processing a variety of different products.

Anritsu case inspectionCase Inspection System

The case inspection system from Anritsu is used for comprehensive inspection and quality checks on large cartons and cases of meat. 

This system is optimized for variable sizes, including large cases up to a maximum width of 590mm and a maximum height of 250mm.

The system can also accommodate cartons, cases, and bags containing multiple small packs.

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Anritsu Brochure TN

Anritsu X-ray Inspection Systems Brochure

White Paper: Choosing the Best Poultry X-ray Detection Process

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