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Dual X:  Dual Energy X-ray Inspection System

High-speed accuracy that comes from new technology.

x ray inspection equipmentWhat makes the Dual X X-ray Inspection System from Anritsu so noteworthy? 

  • It harnesses powerful new technology to deliver an extremely accurate, high-speed reading of poultry and meat products at a great value.
  • It’s unique in how it analyzes two different x-ray energy signals, allowing the system to distinguish between the product you’re processing and contaminants – for a higher detection rate of low-density items.

The Dual X system is ideally suited for the stringent quality control requirements in poultry processing plants. It provides dramatically enhanced sensitivity to bone fragments in poultry – in particular, those hard-to-detect thin, low-density bones. 

You can now identify items like wishbones, fan bones and scapula bones in poultry meat at levels of detection unattainable in conventional designs of inspection equipment up to now.

The Dual X is also ideal for inspecting deboned meat products.  The system performs reliable, accurate inspection of overlapping and randomly oriented meat products without any negative effects.

debone detectionGo Beyond Metal Detection

Anritsu’s Dual X system goes well beyond any other equipment in terms of detection accuracy, ease of use, reliability and worry-free peace of mind. 

Now you can take your QC and HACCP programs well beyond just metal detection by targeting the elimination of other dangerous foreign matter – organic or non-organic – in a high-speed production environment.

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Anritsu X-ray Inspection Systems Brochure

White Paper: Choosing the Best Poultry X-ray Detection Process

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