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Smart Measurement Function:  An Anritsu Exclusive

Anritsu Checkweigher Product Image TopWith Anritsu SSV checkweighers, you gain the important benefits of SMF (Smart Measurement Function). This unique, proprietary capability prevents unnecessary rejection due to double product errors while improving overall processing accuracy.

Accurate weighing.

Conventional checkweighers use a weigh cell signal, after signal processing, to determine the weight of each product as it passes over the weigh table. If two packs are on the table at the same time, a “double product error” can occur and the system is forced to reject both products since individual product weigh cannot be determined.

Anritsu SSV changes the equation by using innovative signal processing, multifaceted filtering in conjunction with improved scale resolution to minimize double product errors. Minimizing unnecessary rejects while maximizing line productivity is what these checkweighers are all about.

Rejects down … yields up with SMF.

With conventional checkweighers, product spacing is typically established by increasing the checkweigher conveyor speed compared to the normal line speed, in order to prevent two products from being on the weigh scale at the same time.

With Anritsu SSV checkweighers, product spacing and checkweigher speed is maintained, providing higher accuracy even if two products are on the weigh scale at the same time.

Unlike conventional checkweigher designs, SMF solves the problem of rejects from inconsistent product spacing once and for all.

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