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More Productivity

YieldPlus DeboningYieldPlus systems are the best way for you to monitor yield, productivity and product quality for deboning and trim processes. Among the popular applications are:

  • Thigh deboning
  • Whole leg deboning
  • Breast filet trimming / breast portion trim

YieldPlus helps employers get more productivity from their workers through the ability to calculate and track yield results, quality and throughput down to the operator level. It's a major breakthrough in managing and incentivizing workers to optimize their performance.

Benefits that go Beyond the Ordinary

Consider all the benefits you gain with a YieldPlus debone/trim management system from Gainco:

  • Improved product yields – up to 5% or more!
  • Improved product quality and appearance
  • The potential for significant labor savings (reduced staffing requirements) and better worker productivity – including the ability to accurately measure performance through automated product distribution and individual operator accountability
  • Extensive real-time management reporting capabilities
  • A sanitary system that's engineered for rugged durability, easy maintenance and cleaning – as well as no product waste on the floor
  • The lowest operating cost of any system of its kind due to fewer electronic components plus a rugged equipment design
  • A highly attractive return on investment and quick payback period

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Gainco iconTo find out more about the YieldPlus debone/trim management system and how it’s the perfect choice for your food processing operation, click on the link below or call 877-869-7410 to speak with one of our processing consultants.

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YieldPlus Debone / Trim Management Systems

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