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New Food Processing Solutions from Gainco

Check out the latest innovations from Gainco, designed to help you maximize yield and optimize productivity for bigger plant profits!

TORIDAS Mark II Whole Leg Deboning System

The closest you can get to hand-deboning!

  • High yield – debone from 17 up to 200 legs per minute
  • Flexibility – multiple configurations adapt easily to your production requirements and floorspace (all rights, all lefts, left-and-right operation)
  • Reliability – never-stop operation with easy maintenance and service
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Anritsu DRWZ Dual Energy X-ray Inspection System

High-speed bone-detection accuracy for raw, unpackaged products!

  • Unique technology analyzes two different X-ray energy signals to deliver a much higher detection rate of low-density bones
  • Identify items like wishbones, fan bones and scapula bones that are often missed by conventional inspection equipment
  • Ideal for processing chicken and turkey breast meat … deboned thighs and tenders
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Anritsu SSV Checkweighers

The best combination of value and performance!

Here's a powerful checkweighing solution to meet all of your requirements for accuracy, quality and reliability:

  • Highest accuracy with the smallest footprint
  • Unique SMF (Smart Measurement Function) capability minimizes double product errors by using multi-threaded filters, preventing unnecessary rejection
  • Multi-lingual operation
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YIELDAS Automated Front-Half Deboning Systems

Where precision automation meets quality deboning!

The YIELDAS system uses unique vision technology to deliver consistent high-yield results:

  • Measures each front half to deliver precise shoulder cuts for optimum yield
  • Produces high-quality butterflies, fillets, tenders and whole wings
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YieldScan™ Rapid Frame Analyzers

A plant floor yield management tool for poultry deboning operations!

Harness the latest vision-based scanning technology to monitor and analyze your deboning process in real time:

  • YieldScan lets you see differences in the percentage of residual meat left on frame in “real time,” for immediate corrective action
  • User-friendly operation is designed with intuition in mind
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YieldPlus® Yield Management Systems for Poultry

Take yield management a new level to maximize yield, measure success, and improve product quality!

  • Individual accountability of each operator for yield, quality, pounds-per-hour and pieces-per-minute
  • New YieldPlus Big Bird model available for big bird breast trimming
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Yield Tracking System

The ideal complement for automated deboning lines!

  • Provides real-time measurement of product yield and utilization
  • Accurately tracks performance, maximizes OEE, and lowers maintenance costs
  • Optimizes your throughput
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AccuFill® Triple Indexing Bulking System

Achieve the highest throughput while reducing labor costs!

  • Up to 1,440 lbs. per minute throughput
  • Up to 20 cycles per minute
  • Compact design with a small footprint
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Other Gainco Systems and Solutions

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