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Standard Bulkers and Legal-for-Trade Bulkers

Standard Bulking SystemsAccuFill dual

Whether you choose our single, dual or triple bulker systems at 40 or 70 pounds, you'll find that Gainco bulker capabilities cover the full range of your fresh or frozen meat processing applications – chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

We also offer a range of equipment options to ensure you get the very best, most effective bulking system for your plant. Options like:

  • Mobility kits for roll-in/roll-out functionality
  • Product mix options to process two products in a batch
  • Manual bypass for weight-making flexibility
  • Line control kits for stopping/starting infeed conveyors
  • Dimpled stainless steel hoppers to handle tacky or sticky products
  • Trim ledge
  • Diverters
  • Product funnels
  • Stainless steel roller top in place of PVC
  • Flat table in place of PVC roller top
  • Data scale interface for case labeling

Legal-for-Trade Bulking SystemsLFT Bulker

The Legal-for-Trade (LFT) bulker combines bulk packing, labeling, and inventory record transfer functions into a single convenient workstation while eliminating process redundancies, reducing labor costs, and reducing the overall process footprint.

  • Product is fed via a conveyor or other material handling device to the bulker.
  • Product falls through an open buffer hopper into a container on the weigh deck.
  • Once a pre-programmed target weight is achieved, the buffer hopper closes and the product collects in the buffer hopper until the infeed stop delay is surpassed, or the system is re-set by the operator.
  • The bulker operator can "make weight," if needed, to achieve the final target weight. After weight has been met, the operator pushes the "print" button and applies the container label, then moves the full container to the next processing step.
  • Next, the operator places an empty container on the weigh deck and press the "auto start" button to begin the next fill cycle.
  • The operation continues until parameter changes are required, a process break occurs, or the end of the shift is reached.

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