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Mayekawa Poultry Deboning Systems and Equipment

Delivering practical solutions using breakthrough automation technology.

MAYEKAWA LOGOGainco is the exclusive authorized distributor of Mayekawa automated deboning equipment to the poultry processing industry in the United States.

  • Established in 1924, Mayekawa is one of the world’s leading companies in automation development.
  • Mayekawa is a pioneer in the use of advanced robotic technology to automate the most critical aspects of poultry deboning processes.
  • Over the past two decades, Mayekawa has successfully “cracked the code” in developing the world’s most efficient, cost-effective deboning methods for poultry products. 

Let us show you how profitable Mayekawa automated deboning equipment can be for your processing operation. We’ll conduct an ROI payback calculation based on your very own parameters. You'll see how we can drive more productivity, more yields and more profits to your plant’s bottom line.

Perfecting the Process

What was historically an extremely challenging deboning process due to the inherent differences in the shape, size and firmness of individual poultry pieces and parts is now fast, easy and efficient:toridas mark II yield

  • Mayekawa has automated the deboning of whole chicken legs, drumsticks and thighs in ways that preserve the integrity and quality of the finished product.
  • All of the meat is removed from the bone as if it had been carefully processed manually.
  • Thanks to Mayekawa’s robotic and sensory innovation, the automated deboning process results in consistent high quality and yield ratio of the meat. 

Maximizing your product yields is the main objective.  But along the way, you also achieve significant labor savings, as well as improved food safety and hygiene because less human interaction with the product occurs during processing.

The proof of Mayekawa’s deboning equipment success is in countless installations of these systems in processing plants in the world's most important poultry markets. 

Today, Gainco is making it easier than ever for American processors to tap into this valuable new equipment resource. We’re ready to help you take your deboning process to the next level.

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Gainco iconTo find out more about Mayekawa automated deboning equipment and how it's the perfect choice for your food processing operation, click on the link below or call 877-869-7410 to speak with one of our processing consultants.

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