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TORIDAS Mark II Whole Leg Deboning System

The closest you can get to hand-deboning

Toridas Mark 2 Whole Leg Deboning System

The TORIDAS Mark II whole leg deboner offers the highest yield and quality of any deboning system in the industry. It’s so effective, the results you get are comparable to hand deboning!

The TORIDAS can debone from 17 up to 200 legs per minute in a compact system footprint – even as it delivers the highest reliability available in the industry.

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High Yield and Quality

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The TORIDAS utilizes a simple-yet-effective measuring system based on electronic sensors and proximity switches, which allows the machine to perform precision cuts that leave the kneecap attached to the bone. That means you obtain maximum yield.

Not only that, the accurate measurement and precision cuts produce the highest quality industry specs and standards.

In short, you get maximum yield and quality with minimum trimming.

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Steps to high yield and high quality.


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The TORIDAS allows you to install the capacity you require and grow your processing operations as needed:

  • You can process from 17 up to 200 legs per minute
  • The TORIDAS system is designed with a single point of loading
  • Multiple configurations adapt easily to your production requirements and floorspace
  • More units can be added now or later to accommodate changing production demands
  • The system is configurable for all lefts … all rights … or left-and-right deboning operations



The TORIDAS whole leg deboning system makes sure that your production never stops!

For example, on a 6-unit system processing 100 legs per minute, if one unit requires maintenance or repairs you can still process 83 legs per minute.

Moreover, the TORIDAS measuring system, designed using low-cost proximity switch technology, is easy to maintain and service. Repairs can be made easily by your in-house maintenance staff.

System Configuration Options

6-Unit 3x3 Configuration

Capacity for 100 legs per minute – all lefts, all rights, or a combination with a single loading point.

3 Toridas 02

Height: 9'7" – Length: 33'4" – Width: 12'1"

6-Unit Inline Configuration

Capacity for 100 legs per minute – all lefts, all rights, or a combination with a single loading point.

6 Toridas 01 Specs

Height: 9'7" – Length: 54'6" – Width: 8'

12-Unit 6x6 Inline Configuration

Capacity for 200 lets per minute – all lefts, all rights, or a combination with a single loading point.

12 Toridas 02 Specs

Height: 9'7" – Length: 54'6" – Width: 12'1"

Other Key Benefits

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The TORIDAS System also offers these other attractive benefits:

  • Thigh meat-with-drumstick deboning option
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Hygienic design
  • Remote alarms and monitoring
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Not only that, the TORIDAS system has a low cost of ownership – a single unit is less than a $20,000 investment.

  • We also offer convenient and affordable service contracts on all TORIDAS deboning equipment

Powerful ROI

Let us show you how profitable the TORIDAS whole leg deboning system will be for your operation. We’ll conduct an ROI payback calculation based on your very own parameters. You’ll see how we can drive more productivity, more yields and more profits to your plant’s bottom line.

TORIDAS Equipment Specifications



1,000 legs per hour

Standard Dimensions

Length:  57.4" (13.3m)

Width:  54.3" (13.8m)

Height:  115.4" (29.3m)


5,071 lbs. (2,300 kg)



Auto-loading system

Circular cutter sharpener

Slitting cutter sharpener


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