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Food Processing Service You Can Count On

Blue Ribbon Service logoAs part of doing business with us, you have access to our Blue Ribbon Service and factory-trained technicians to handle any sort of planned or unplanned service and maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Our program offerings include pre-scheduled visits to your facility to:Conveyor Fortress

  • Calibrate the coil, reference and input voltages to manufacturer’s spec
  • Calibrate proper phasing of the unit to the product and/or to ferrite
  • Verify proper programming on digital systems
  • Assure proper installation
  • Report on any system sensitivities
  • Provide a calibration sticker and full service report on each inspected unit

System Audits and Certifications

We can provide a system audit on any brand of metal detection equipment you use.  Our audit verifies that your system is working properly and detecting to desired test standards.

Due to increasing industry and regulatory demands, we also offer Gainco’s Metal Detector Certification program. The benefits to customers are many, including:

  • Third-party documentation that metal detectors have been inspected
  • Streamlining HACCP reporting issues
  • Simplifies buyer audits
  • The extra degree of assurance of product safety

In this program, each metal detector is tested and certified, a certification label is placed on the machine, and a service report is documented.  Any equipment that is not in compliance will be so-noted, along with the recommended steps to take for compliance.

Emergency Repairs

Your repair needs are our top priority to get your metal detection system back into production and quickly as possible. We’ll repair your system to Fortress specifications using factory parts. We’re experts at diagnosing and correcting the causes of signal interference that can affect the performance and sensitivity of your detection equipment.

Better Accuracy … More Dependability … Lower Costs

It doesn’t matter if you’re processing fresh or frozen poultry and meat products … or if your primary focus is packaged products. Either way, you don’t have to worry about underperforming metal detection systems.

Instead, rely on Fortress products and our team of technicians so you can focus 100% of your effort instead on delivering top quality products. Plus, you’ll achieve better productivity and higher plant profits.

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To find out more about the Fortress metal detection equipment and how it’s the perfect choice for your food processing operation, click on the link below or call 877-869-7410 to speak with one of our processing consultants.

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Anritsu Fortress Spec Sheet TNPowerful Equipment Solutions for Detecting Contaminants Spec Sheet

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