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Accurate and dependable weighing systems for meat and poultry processing.

AccuFill® Weigh/Bagging Systemscube art weighing2

We deliver advanced hygienic design, weighing accuracy and labor savings in one powerful packaging system.

  • Engineered to reduce product giveaway and save on labor costs
  • Improved product handling and cost-saving performance
  • Ideal for packaging wings, tenders, boneless breasts, drumsticks, leg quarters, paws or other types of fresh, frozen or marinated meat products
  • ROI of six months or sooner

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AccuFill® Bulking Systems

Advanced hygienic design, accuracy and labor savings are what you get with these high-volume bulking systems.

  • Proven bulking systems for fresh or frozen chicken, turkey, pork and beef products
  • Single, dual or triple bulking system models
  • Indexing bulking systems
  • Legal-for-trade (LFT) bulkers
  • ROI of six months or sooner

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AccuSizer® In-Motion Checkweigher Systems

Automate your checkweighing procedures for bags and boxes, reducing product “giveaway,” lowering your labor costs and improving plant profits.

  • Proven systems for weighing fresh and frozen bagged, boxed or tote-packaged products including lobes, wings, boneless breasts, cutlets, leg quarters, drumsticks, thighs, paws and giblets, plus red meat cuts
  • Provides an integrated reject/rework unit to accommodate over-weight and under-weight products
  • ROI of six months or sooner

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AccuSizer™ Belt Grader / Classifier Systems

With precision and productivity in a "class" all their own, AccuSizer™ systems are engineered to meet all of your product sizing and batching needs.

  • Perfect for grading and classifying whole chickens or turkeys, turkey lobes, seafood products, ribs or other cuts of meat
  • User-friendly interfaces … advanced weighing technology … robust rugged platform
  • Grading and sizing speeds up to 180 portions per minute

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