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Benefits that Go Beyond the Ordinary

AccuFill dualWhen you install an AccuFill® bulking system, you get far more than just standard packing functionalities. Consider all of these great benefits:

  • High return on investment and quick payback period
  • Reduced produce "giveaway"
  • Labor savings – at least one operator per shift for most applications
  • Higher volumes achieved than with manual labor alone
  • Multiple delivery options including specialty boxes and export size containers
  • A small equipment footprint
  • Low installation cost with "plug and play" capabilities

Reduced Product Giveaway

  • "Auto-zero" software automatically adjusts for any product accumulation on the hopper surface, thus ensuring accuracy.
  • Upper/lower target weight thresholds prevent an operator from completing a batch until the target weight has been reached.
  • Our load cell design reduces vibration for unsurpassed accuracy.

Significant Labor Savings

  • AccuFill reduces labor up to 50% by automating the flow and gross batching of your product, enabling more pounds of production per labor hour.
  • Our Gainco Infiniti® controller provides immediate weight feedback so operators can quickly reach their target batch weight.

Increased ThroughputLFT Bulker

  • Operators can process up to 25,000 pounds per manned station per hour.
  • Our system design allows for batching and buffering products to maintain a constant flow and maximize throughput.
  • Our load cell design allows batches to settle quickly for faster cycle rates.
  • Optional dimpled steel hoppers allow "sticky" product to flow more easily to maintain fast processing cycles.

Accurate Measuring … Accurate Reporting

AccuFill bulking systems give you the accuracy you need to precisely measure and manage your processing operation:

  • Our revolutionary Gainco Infiniti® Plus programmable controller delivers the industry's best performance and durability among weight indicators.
  • Reporting tools capture data such as pounds, number of cases and average case weight.
  • Supervisors can stay abreast of production information in real time, as it happens.
  • Production data can be transmitted to any database of ERP system (RF, WiFi, Ethernet connectivity) ... and fully integrates with Gainco's optional proprietary data management system, too.

Easy to Clean ... Easy to MaintainAccuFill Open Frame

AccuFill indexing bulking systems aren't just easy to install. They're easy to maintain as well:

  • All models are designed in conformity with AMI sanitary principles.
  • The open-frame design saves labor during washdown operations, allowing for faster, deeper cleaning while reducing chemical and hot water usage.
  • Fewer replacement parts make our systems easier and less costly to service, too.

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Gainco iconTo find out more about AccuFill® Bulking Systems and how they're the perfect choice for your food processing operation, click on the link below or call 877-869-7410 to speak with one of our processing consultants.

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