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How It Works


The way an AccuFill® Bagger works is simplicity itself: 

  • Fed via a conveyor or other infeed device, product falls through the open buffer hopper into the weigh hopper until the target weight range is achieved.
  • When the target weight range is met, the buffer hopper closes and the bagger operator can "make weight" if needed to get the accepted final target weight.
  • Once that weight has been met, the operator pushes the bagger button … the bag blaster opens the wicketed bag … the weigh hopper opens … and the product falls into the bag.
  • Next, the operator pulls the filled bag off the wicket to be placed where desired.

… And AccuFill is fast-operating, too.  It can produce 6 bags of product per minute for a single channel system and 12 bags per minute for a dual system.

Design Details Make the Difference

With an AccuFill® weigh/bagging system, you get far more than just standard packing functionalities. That's because of the attention we pay to the little design details that separate our offerings from ordinary equipment:

  • "Auto-zero" software automatically adjusts for any product accumulation on the hopper surfaces to assure precision weighing accuracy.
  • Configurable target weights guard against overpacking.
  • Serial output that communicates to your host computer and printer is available as an option.
  • An optional host PC can be connected to multiple bagging systems for centralized reporting and setup control.
  • Battery-backed memory for recording the total number of bags, total weight, plus all setup parameters.

Designed Tough for Tough Everyday Use

Our weigh baggers are engineered to thrive in the harshest meat and poultry processing environments:

  • Washdown-tough Gainco Infiniti® Plus programmable controllers are IP69K-rated and engineered for long-lasting functionality. (GSE programmable controllers are available as an option.)
  • Load cells are oversized by 250% - 500% to prevent damage and reduce operating costs.
  • Open-frame design leaves no place for food debris and bacteria to hide or for water to collect.
  • Just a few simple keystrokes place the system in washdown mode for safe, thorough cleaning.

The result? Better sanitation ... easier washdown procedures ... and less maintenance requirements.

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To find out more about AccuFill® Weigh/Bagging Systems and how they're the perfect choice for your food processing operation, click on the link below or call 877-869-7410 to speak with one of our processing consultants.

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Download Literature:

AccuFill Bagger Brochure TNAccuFill® Weigh/Bagging
Systems Brochure
AccuFill Table Bagger Spec Sht TNAccuFill® Table (Manual) Baggers

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