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Anritsu SSV Checkweighers – System Benefits

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When you consider all of the advantages and benefit that Anritsu SSV checkweighers deliver, it’s easy to see that they’re the right choice for improving accuracy, quality and reliability on your processing line:

  • Highest accuracy with the smallest footprint
  • Fully featured with built-in Smart Measurement Function (SMF) that minimizes double product errors, statistical reporting, and accuracy checks
  • Improved process control means less product giveaway and higher profits
  • Minimum setup time with excellent overall reliability
  • Easy operation and maintenance due to its modular design, tool-free belt removal, and open frame construction
  • Multi-lingual operation

Anritsu SSV checkweighers can weigh up to 310 products per minute with a scale value of 1 milligram (.001 grams) and a maximum accuracy of +/-.01 g at 3σ.  They’re truly the best combination of value and performance with the smallest footprint in the industry!

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