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Customer Testimonials:  DuraWeigh® Scales and Gainco Infiniti® Weight Indicators

Hear from the people who know them best.

Don’t just take our word on how well our scales and weight indicators perform.  See what customers are saying about their ability to survive and thrive in food processing environments:

Green Bay Dressed Beef (American Foods Group)

AlaTrade Foods

John Soules Foods

Green Bay Dressed Beef, LLC

american foods GroupGreen Bay Dressed Beef is part of American Foods Group, a vertically integrated meat processing enterprise with production facilities located in five Midwestern states.

Green Bay Dressed Beef’s processing plant in Green Bay, WI uses DuraWeigh® scales and Gainco Infiniti® weight indicators in every processing room of the facility, on the harvest floor and in the offal department, as well as in boning operations and in packaging.  The company also has scales in its grinding operation located nearby.

Three key managers at Green Bay Dressed Beef – vice president of operations Ed Arnstad, plant engineer ‘Buck’ Derouin and fab boning room foreman Greg Huettl, shared their observations about the quality and performance of the Gainco equipment in their facility.

What challenges did you face in your plant?

“The challenge we faced with the old scales was that we were constantly sending scale heads out to be repaired or replaced – like five or six a week out of 30 scales.  We’d keep six head on hand here for quick replacing.  We were having a very hard time with the heads holding proper calibration because of the moisture.  What a hassle!

We’d have to go out on the floor with a heat gun in the mornings to dry them out so that they would stay in calibration.  This took roughly half an hour each day – taking time away from other work tasks.”

What problems were solved by the DuraWeigh Scales and Gainco Infiniti Weight Indicators?

“We no longer have to go on the floor with our heat guns.  We don’t have to calibrate them all the time because they hold calibration very well.  We can also do more with these scales; some of them are attached to conveyors that have some vibration.  With the heads on the Gainco scales, we can slow down the line speed and still have everything work fine.” 

How accurate are the Gainco scales?

“They’re very accurate.  We also think they’re very user-friendly.  You can calibrate one of these scales in a matter of a minute, versus taking a couple of hours.

We also like that the weights aren’t bouncing around a lot.  When they’re on zero, they stay on zero instead of bouncing tenths back and forth.”

Green Bay Dressed BeefHow reliable are the Gainco scales?

“When we first started out, we ran an in-plant test on a single Gainco scale for four or six weeks.  It was working fine at the end of the test period.  We tried out some other scales as well, but thought the Gainco ones were by far the best.  In fact, the first Gainco scale is probably still out on the floor now!

After our equipment lease period was up, a couple of us taught ourselves how to troubleshoot the scale.  It turns out to be a very simple design – yet it gets the job done very well.”

How would you describe the durability of the DuraWeigh Scales and Gainco Infiniti Weight Indicators?

“They’re very durable.  We have very few issues with scales today compared to what we used to face.  If we do have any problem, it’s usually because of something someone did – like gouge the head with a hook or something.

That being said, the face on the heads of these scales is less sensitive to scratching.  They’re much more durable and the scratching doesn’t affect their performance.

Another point about the durability:  When we had our old scales, we had to cover them up with plastic every night to protect them during washdown.  And when the cleanup crew would come in with their high-pressure hoses, if the scales weren’t bolted down they’d knock them off the stands and ruin them.  With Gainco, you can actually knock them on the floor, pick them back up, and they still work.”

How well has the Gainco equipment lived up to your expectations?

“Compared to what Gainco told us at the time of the installation, the scales have lived up to expectations – tremendously.

We really like them.  They’re a lot more reliable, and we don’t have the issues that we faced in the past.  It frees up a lot of time, now that we don’t have to deal with scale issues.

We used to lease scales, and so we had that continuing cost year-in and year-out.  The payback on the Gainco scales is about three years compared to us staying with leased scales.  Everything after three years is just repairs and maintenance or purchasing any additional ones we might need.  So Gainco had a positive impact on the dollars when it comes to cost-per-head.”

What do you like best about the DuraWeigh Scales and Gainco Infiniti Weight Indicators?

“Several things.  When you consider the cost angle, Gainco just blows it out of the water compared to what we were doing before. 

But lower cost isn’t the only thing.  What’s even more important is the scales’ accuracy – along with the assurance that we’re going to get paid appropriately for the product we send out from our plant.  We have the assurance of knowing that the scales are accurate.  We don’t have to calibrate them every morning and then wonder if the calibration is going to hold through the day.
On top of all this, the scales are very easy to set up.”

Would you recommend these scales to your industry colleagues?

“We’d definitely recommend them.  They’re excellent products.  They hold up well.  They’re user-friendly, and you can do so much with them.”

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AlaTrade Foods, LLC

alatrade foods logoThe AlaTrade Foods processing plant in Albertville, AL uses DuraWeigh® scales and Gainco Infiniti® weight indicators on its chicken front halves and breast meat debone lines, as well as for data collection.  DuraWeigh floor scales are used for weighing large boxed product.

Kevin Parnell, AlaTrade’s plant manager, shared his experiences with us:

What challenges did you face in your plant?

“We struggle with moisture because we’re a processing plant.  We do constant cleaning and we have temperature changes on the floor, so it’s both a water and condensation issue.  We had problems with moisture inside the heads; they didn’t seal well.“

What problems were solved by Gainco's scales and weight indicators?

“The scales do a very good job of withstanding the moisture.  I give them an ‘A’ for reliability of operation.

We used to have to 'bag' our scales, but even then the units didn’t hold up.  Gainco has definitely been an improvement over what we had before.

And if we ever have a moisture issue, we can just pop the head off and put another one on very, very simply.  So there’s minimal downtime.”

altrade infinitiWhat about their measurement accuracy?

“The data scales and combo advanced scales have performed very accurately.  The bagger scales perform as well as they can based on the circumstances we place on them.”

What else do you like about the equipment?

“The scales are simple enough so that an entry-level person can learn how to work with the programming.  The ease of replacement is great, too, if we ever need to do that.”

How well has the equipment lived up to your expectations?

“Gainco has definitely been an improvement over what we had before.”

Would you recommend the scales to your colleagues in the industry?

“Yes, for sure.  They are as good as anything available in the industry now.”

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John Soules Foods

john soules foodThe John Soules Foods plant in Tyler, TX processes beef and chicken products for fajitas.  JSF, known as “America’s leading fajita brand,” uses DuraWeigh® scales and Gainco Infiniti® weight indicators for portion weighing in the bagging area, and also for quality control operations throughout the facility.

Gus Garza, JSF’s maintenance manager in Tyler, shared his experiences with us:

What challenges did you face in your plant?

“We were having problems with washdown, and with people poking the scale faces with knives.”

What problems were solved by adding DuraWeigh Scales and Gainco Infiniti Weight Indicators?

“We saw the scales at a food show, and also a demonstration of them in a water tank.  We liked what we saw!  The scales are more rugged, and they’re more washdown-friendly.”

What has been your experience with measurement accuracy and reliability of operation?

“They have been very reliable – extremely reliable.  We’ve had no issues at all with measurement accuracy, either.”

John soules foods processingHow about the durability of these scales?

“They’ve worked out really well for us.  We’ve had a malfunction only once – and that was because of an operator dropping the scale.”

What do you like best about the Gainco equipment?

“I like three things best:  their appearance, their washdown capabilities, and their overall craftsmanship.”

Has the Gainco equipment lived up to your expectations?

“Yes, extremely well.  We haven’t had any problems.  As we’re replacing our old-style scales, we’re replacing them with Gainco units.  We’ve going to continue adding these scales until we have them throughout the whole plant.”

Would you recommend DuraWeigh Scales and Gainco Infiniti Weight Indicators to your colleagues in the industry?

“Absolutely, because they are a high-quality scale.  I’d tell them about their endurance, their accuracy, and their washdown ability.”

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