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YieldScan Rapid Frame Analyzer

A powerful plant-floor QC instrument for managing deboning lines more efficiently. 

yieldscan product imageThe YieldScan™ Rapid Frame Analyzer from Gainco improves your deboning operations by giving you more frequent and more useful information – data you can use to improve line productivity and overall product yield.   

Far better than relying merely on subjective evaluations or limited QC sampling done during a work shift and reported at a later time, with YieldScan you can accomplish so much more:

  • Increase the speed and frequency of QC tests done on your cone lines or automated debone lines – with frame analysis done in mere seconds.
  • Determine leading indicators of deboning performance in real-time, with QC data available to supervisors right on the plant floor near the processing lines.
  • Provide a common, standardized tracking method across various plants that also removes operator subjectivity.
  • Deliver better insights into the performance of manual deboning operators or automated deboning systems to help you manage your lines – and your employees – better.

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Gainco iconTo find out more about the YieldScan Rapid Frame Analyzer and how it’s the perfect choice for your food processing operation, click on the link below or call 877-869-7410 to speak with one of our processing consultants.

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YieldScan Brochure TNYieldScan™ White Paper

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