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Vision-Based Technology Makes the Difference

YieldScan Cone ImageHere’s the challenge:  Too much meat yield is going to the MDM process to be sold as low-value product because deboning lines are leaving large amounts of usable meat on frames.

Here’s the solution:  Harness the very latest vision-based scanning technology to monitor actual performance in real-time, giving you a visual analysis of a frame after the deboning process has occurred to determine areas of focus for process improvement.

How It Happens

  • With vision-based technology, as light passes from the illuminated YieldScan cone through the meat, there’s a direct relationship between the transmitted intensity (brightness) and the thickness of the meat.
  • Within mere seconds, the instrument is able to calculate how much residual meat is left on the front-half of the frame – revealing a trending number that can be used to guide process improvements.
  • The instrument also determines where the residual meat is located on the left versus right side of frames, helping you troubleshoot any performance problems in your process.

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Gainco iconTo find out more about the YieldScan Rapid Frame Analyzer and how it’s the perfect choice for your food processing operation, click on the link below or call 877-869-7410 to speak with one of our processing consultants.

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YieldScan Brochure TNYieldScan™ Rapid Frame Analyzer Brochure

YieldScan Brochure TNYieldScan™ White Paper

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