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Here’s What You’ll Achieve with YieldScan

With the YieldScan™ Rapid Frame Analyzer, you have the power to do more than ever before:

  • Say goodbye to questionable evaluations based on too-small sample sizes
  • Rather than rely on the manual QC tests you do at the end of the shift, take action to correct problems immediately instead of discovering them hours later
  • Over time, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the percentage of meat left on the frame – driving these figures significantly lower than your company benchmarks
  • With YieldScan’s qualitative data, you’ll find you can evaluate your process more effectively and consistently from line-to-line and plant-to-plant

YieldScan™ lets you see differences in the percentage of residual meat left on frames in “real time,” for immediate corrective action. The YieldScan’s residual weight data along with left and right percentages from cone lines and automated debone lines are communicated to plant or corporate operations, along with the display of easy-read “dashboard” color-coded upper and lower limits (green / yellow / red).

YieldScan Infographic

With YieldScan backing you up, you can also inspire healthy competition between workers on manual deboning teams – or react quickly to leading indicators of equipment trends on automated deboning lines.

The Financial Impact Really Adds Up

What are improved annual yields from your deboning operation worth to you? A 1/4%, 1/2% or 1% increase in yield could mean a half million dollars or more on your financial bottom line.

... And that just might be the low end of the added annual revenues you can expect to harvest when you put YieldScan to work for you!

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